Multimedia Display Cases

REIER meets the growing challenges of exhibition design with its multimedia display cases and shows museum architects and exhibition planners new ways of meeting these demands.

Exhibits of which only fragments have been preserved can be presented side by side in a display case together with a virtually reconstructed complete model. With a very simple mode of operation, familiar from any smartphone, exhibits can be moved freely on the touch screen and can be experienced from all sides.

Very small exhibits can be displayed in greatly enlarged form to make even the smallest details visible. In addition, it is possible to create a background for the content of the exhibit by means of videos or animations, thus making complex interrelationships more comprehensible and explaining them more sustainably than a printed exhibition text could. In addition, different lighting situations can be defined to create a link between the exhibit and the digital content.

In the touchscreen area of the display cases, on the other hand, even very sensitive exhibits, such as old parchments and books, can be virtually leafed through at the touch of a finger, images zoomed in and explanations of the individual pages called up.


Custom-made freestanding display cases and table display cases


extra-white laminated float glass
extra-white laminated float glass with anti-reflective coating (both sides)


LED or fibre optic lighting


colour according to RAL- or other system