Powder Coating Facility and Paint Shop

Our powder coating facility is used for in-house coating of steel and aluminum components, corrosion prevention of sheet metal parts and the creation of high-quality low-emission visible surfaces. Therefore, different matte powders according to RAL, NCS or other color standards may be used.

The Joiner’s Workshop is equipped with three state-of-the-art facilities to wet-paint wooden materials and metal. In addition, the glass is coated with a tried and tested procedure. RAL- and NCS-systems are also in use, so respective colours are produced in-house via a computer and colour-mixing system.

Our coating system has been certified by the Federal Institute for Materials Research (BAM), and according to the results of their BEMMA method testing procedure, our coatings correspond to today’s conservation requirements for display cases.


Powder coating
  • Washing cabin
  • Drying room
  • Workplace for powder coating
  • Heat-processing chamber
  • 2 paint shops 6,80m x 3,70m
  • Colour mix computer
  • Colour mixing system