Coin Display Cases

Repeated requests to allow the viewing of coins, miniatures or other small objects such as insects or minerals from both sides led to the development of the coin display case.

The wall mounted version of the display case for coins has a mechanism to rotate the objects, which allows the viewing from both sides of a coin. Vertical rotating presentation panels are arranged inside the display case. The visitor can actuate the rotation of the panels by 180° by touch screen located at the lower part of the front pane. A magnifying lens mounted to move in the vertical and horizontal planes offers the viewer the possibility to study the objects in great detail.


Custom-made freestanding display cases and table display cases (table display cases without rotating option)

Freely configurable equipment

panel height and amount of panels


extra-white laminated float glass
extra-white laminated float glass with anti-reflective coating (both sides)


colour according to RAL- or other system