Specta KLR

Specta KLR is a manufactured glazing system designed specifically for fabricated display case enclosures and architectural applications requiring a continuous, horizontal viewing surface. It is ideal for exhibitions in high traffic environments such as museums, arenas/convention center, airports, hospitals, schools and other public buildings.
The Specta KLR system provides the operable front of display cases and offers interior designers, carpenters and other trades the opportunity to create complete exhibition areas with additional services of their own. The glass fronts have a metal profile in the upper and lower area with the closing and opening technology. The glass is partially back painted to cover constructive details. The glass fronts are equipped with specially developed concealed hinges that allow them to be opened up to 90° and closed tightly with minimal tolerances between glass panels.


Fabrication on request


extra-white laminated float glass
extra-white laminated float glass with anti-reflective coating (both sides)


colour according to RAL- or other system