Sales and Design

Highly qualified employees in Sales, Design as well as in the Research and Development Department contribute to REIER’s success. Most of them are graduate mechanical engineers.

Languages: German, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Swedish, Chinese, Polish, Spanish

Tasks Sales Department:
  • National and international contacts
  • Calculation of tenders and quotations
  • Drafting of contract documents
Tasks Design Department:
  • Erarbeitung von Planungs- und Werkstattzeichnungen sowie Stücklisten
  • Projektsteuerung / Projektmanagement
  • Neuentwicklung von Vitrinenkonstruktionen
Tasks Research and Development Department:
  • Development of climate elements for display cases
  • Development of special lighting solutions
  • Pollutant-free, low-emission display case materials
  • Calibration of display cases in climate chamber
  • Leakage measurement of display cases
  • Measurement of pollutants (VOC) in display cases
  • Cooperation with research institutes

  • AutoCAD 2018 2D und 3D
  • Inventor 2018
  • Datenbanksysteme

Research and Development

  • Environmental chamber for climatic measurements
  • Measuring instrument for harmful substances (VOC) ppbRAE 3000
  • Sound level meter NTi Audio XL2
  • Leak tester for Helium
  • Leak tester for nitrous oxide/CO2