Fold-and-Slide-Door Display Cases

The presentation of valuable works of art and exhibition objects in a safe and attractive way is one of the central tasks of any museum. In the past comfortable easy mounting of large and bulky exhibits into display cases as well as speedy removal of exhibition objects in cases of evacuation presented an unsolvable problem. REIER has developed the new Fold-and-Slide-Door display case exactly for just that reason.

A special design achievement is the first Fold-and-Slide-Door display case, which was developed for a very large carpet for the Pazyryk exhibition in the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg. The display case has a floor space of 8.0 x 1.0 m and is 6 m high. Due to the space situation, all known opening techniques offered no solution. The fold-and-slide- doors developed by REIER for this display case can be easily operated by a single person despite a weight of one ton per pair of glass panels.

The front of the display case can be opened almost completely so that the carpet, which is firmly locked on a holding frame, can be removed without deformation.
For this purpose, the display case has its own device for swinging out the carpet. When closed, the display case guarantees the required tightness and, despite its enormous size, does not contain any support structure that impairs the view in any way.


Display cases are suitable for narrow spaces and particularly large exhibits
Individual made to measure


LED- or fibre optic lighting


extra-white laminated float glass
extra-white laminated float glass with anti-reflective coating (both sides)


colour according to RAL- or other system