Display Cases with Integrated Safe

This display case consists of a pedestal, which is designed as a safe room, and an attached glass hood made of special safety glass. The exhibits are arranged on a plinth in the centre of the base. To change the exhibits and when an alarm is triggered, the object plinth is lowered into the pedestal by means of an electric drive. At the same time, a steel blind closes the opening.

The alarm system consists of a display case alarm transmitter on which a vibration detector and several magnetic and bolt contacts are connected on the input side. On the output side, an interior siren and a potential-free contact are activated. The alarm signal generated in the event of an attack as well as the signal in the event of arming and power failure are transmitted by radio to a control centre and also to other similar display cases.


custom-made design on request

Freely configurable equipment

different options of security systems and safe thicknesses


colour according to RAL- or other system