Climatised Display Cases

REIER develops, designs and manufactures archival display cases (freestanding display cases, table display cases) for different requirements. Before delivery to the customer, each fully climate-controlled display case is tested in the in-house fully air-conditioned climate chamber.

Air-conditioning options:

1. Passive maintenance of the relative air humidity through non-mechanical means (desiccants and/or other agents).*

2. Active maintenance of the relative air humidity by mechanical means.*

3. Fully conditioned display cases with electronic control for maintaining temperature and relative humidity.

*Both approaches may incorporate the use of an circulating air filter system if required.


Custom-made freestanding display cases and table display cases


LED or fibre optic lighting


extra-white laminated float glass
extra-white laminated float glass with anti-reflective coating (both sides)
for extreme requirements with framed insulating glass


colour according to RAL- or other system