REIER’s Research and Development Department is devoted to finding solutions for the development, design and manufacture of zero-emission and low-emission display cases. For more than two decades, our company has collaborated with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz Institut Braunschweig and the Institute of Wood Technology Dresden (IHD) to innovate technology for the production of environmentally safe materials. REIER is one of only two BEMMA certified showcase manufacturers worldwide, and together with the Institute of Wood Technology Dresden, are involved in a research project to analyze the effects of a number of known and new display case materials.

  • to develop air conditioning components for display cases
  • to optimize the function of the climate control chamber
  • to continue to improve the imperviousness of our display cases
  • to persist in lowering emissions (VOC) of display case materials
  • to advance specialized lighting solutions
Technical Equipment
  • Climate Control Chamber
  • Emissions Meter (VOC) ppbRAE 3000
  • Sound-level measurement NTi Audio XL2
  • CO2 and Helium Gauges