Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History - Schloss Rosenstein / Stuttgart


Immerse yourself in the world of the oceans between coral reef, “Black Smoker”, swordfish, grey seal and storm-petrel. Experience an exciting voyage of discovery through biodiversity together with the giant panda and black jaguar: All this is possible for visitors from 17.02.2023 in the Museum Schloss Rosenstein.
To kick off a comprehensive redesign of its permanent biological exhibition, the Stuttgart Museum of Natural History has completely redesigned the most prominent exhibition halls in the castle with the public favorites whale and elephant.

For the marine and evolution hall, we planned, manufactured and installed six spectacular large display cases, a media table as well as theme islands and pedestals.


Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History (SMNS)

Year of Completion



planning, manufacturing, installation



images: Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History (SMNS), Max Kovalenko

More pictures of the exhibition will follow soon.

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