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Dinosaurs! Age of the Giant Lizards

From now on, T. rex Tristan Otto has competition in terms of attention and popularity: the original skull of a Triceratops has moved into the exhibition “Dinosaurs! Age of the Giant Lizards” in Berlin and can be seen until the end of the year.

Für den etwa 1,4 x 2 Meter großen imposanten Schädel, der in Wyoming, USA gefunden wurde, lieferte REIER die passende, aus vier Segmenten bestehende Modulvitrine mit dimmbarer LED-Spot Beleuchtung.

For thehe imposing skull, measuring about 1.4m x 2 metres, which was found in Wyoming, USA REIER supplied the matching modular display case consisting of four segments with dimmable LED spot lighting.


Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

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Museum für Naturkunde Berlin


images: Carola Radke, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

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