Natural History Museum Potsdam / Potsdam

The Potsdam Museum of Natural History arouses interest, enthusiasm and understanding for nature and animals on one’s own doorstep. The museum’s exhibitions provide insights into the biodiversity of insects, fish, birds and mammals of the state of Brandenburg, while special exhibitions also address supraregional topics. The museum’s main focus is on Brandenburg’s fish fauna. Approximately 40 native fish species live in the museum’s cold-water aquarium: from roach to river catfish.

For the Potsdam Museum of Natural History, REIER 2023 manufactured a total of 15 modular display cases with LED lighting as well as a two-door freestanding display case, also with lighting in the display case ceiling.

In addition, the delivery of a large display case (footprint 5×3 m) for a beaver lodge already took place in 2021. More pictures will follow.


State capital Potsdam

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planning, manufacturing, installation


Natural History Museum Potsdam


images: NKMP, I. Pokorny

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