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The Wien Museum functions as an important cultural centre that celebrates the city’s history and culture through exhibitions, events and collections. It offers a fascinating insight into Vienna’s rich past and diverse heritage.

The redesigned permanent exhibition, which opens on 6 December 2023, presents the two large city models by Eduard Fischer and Erwin Pendl behind glass panels. The REIER showcases, each measuring around 4.5 x 5.5 metres, were specially made for this exhibition and allow visitors to view the models in the best possible way while also providing effective protection for them.

A technical solution similar to the principle of a matchbox was developed to ensure that the city models can be easily moved in and out. The model can be moved along rails while the glass body of the display cases remains stable.

In addition, REIER planned, manufactured and installed five large display cases with glass ceilings, five more with light ceilings and an access protection for the Pompeian Salon and the Grillparzer Room.


Wien Museum

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planning, manufacturing, installation


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