Siebenbürgisches Museum / Gundelsheim

Reorganisation of the graphics cabinet

On 2 March 2024, the special exhibition of the Graphic Cabinet opened at the Transylvanian Museum in Gundelsheim. The first exhibition features works by the musician and visual artist Henrik Neugeboren (Henri Nouveau), who was born in Kronstadt/Braşov. The almost forgotten artist was an important representative of surrealism until his early death in 1959.
One part of the exhibition shows drawings and collages from the artist’s creative phase.

REIER supplied five tall display cases on wooden plinths for the special exhibition.
Thanks to the installation of continuous gallery rails, the graphics can be presented hanging or lying down. The showcases are also equipped with magnetic rails for the installation of dimmable LED spotlights to illuminate the graphics in an appealing way.


Siebenbürgisches Museum Gundelsheim

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images: Siebenbürgisches Museum, Markus Lörz

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