The State Hermitage Museum - Pazyryk Exhibition / St. Petersburg

Depicting the life of the Altai nomads, the State Hermitage’s Pazyryk Exhibition contains objects as old as 3,000 years. Great care and consideration was required in planning how to exhibit these precious, sensitive objects.

A large display case holding a woven carpet was a particular achievement for REIER. With a base measurement of 8 x 1 meters and a height of 6 meters, the front of the case can be fully opened due to a folding and sliding door, granting easy access in order to remove the carpet, draped on without risk of damage. The climate control and lighting control systems for all the cases storage is located in a vaulted cellar underneath the exhibition hall.


The State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg

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planning, manufacturing, installation


The State Hermitage Museum, Boris Kusiakin

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