National Museum of Scotland / Edinburgh

Ten New Galleries

Following the refurbishment of the 16 galleries in July 2011, an addition of 10 galleries opened in July 2016 in the west wing of the National Museum of Scotland. The visitors will be showcased a collection of decorative art, design, fashion, science and technology over four levels.

146 ultra-modern and cutting-edge REIER display cases in various sizes and designs were produced and delivered. The display cases were partly constructed with double-sided and low-reflective glass, and furnished with fiber optic or LED lighting. They meet the Museum’s high requirements with respect to low-emission materials and tightness. One of the highlights is the 6 meter wide and 3.2 meter deep table display case which has a single glass pane and a built in electro-mechanical lifting system.


Beck Interiors Ltd i.A. National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh

Year of completion



Projektierung, Fertigung und Montage


Exhibition Design: Metaphor
Lighting Design: Sutton Vane Associates


images: Andrew Lee and Leonid Artamonov