National Maritime Museum
Nelson, Navy and Nation Gallery

The famous National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London houses some two million objects of the maritime economy and is considered the world’s largest museums of its kind. Reopened in 2014, the Naval “Flagship” Gallery employs the motto “Nelson, Navy and Nation”. In a nod to the glorious history of the British Navy. In addition to numerous unique objects, Admiral Lord Nelson’s uniform from the Naval Battle of Trafalgar is on display.

For this exhibition, presented in the form of a medieval deck of a ship, REIER delivered 25 display cases of different types and sizes, equipped with concealed hinged doors, pull-and-slide door mechanisms and electro-hydraulic lifting technology. The high-security display case, exhibiting Nelson’s iconic uniform, occupies a central place.


National Maritime Museum

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planning, manufacturing and installation


Casson Mann Designers, London