Museum of Art and History / Fribourg

The Museum of Art and History (MAHF), an elegant Renaissance town palace and old slaughterhouse, is located in the heart of Fribourg’s picturesque old town. It mainly collects works of art and historical objects from the canton of Fribourg.

For the MAHF, REIER supplied four freestanding display cases with steel bases and anti-reflective glass as well as passive climatisation.

The MAHF uses these display cases mainly for special exhibitions.

On one occasion, the four display cases were used to support an abstract canopy in the centre of which the main object of the exhibition was placed; on another occasion, the display cases were positioned against partition walls.

In both cases, the objects in the display cases were illuminated from above with LED light panels and with spots from the ceiling.


Museum of Art and History / Fribourg (MAHF)

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