Museum Liaunig / Neuhaus

Portrait miniatures from 1590 to 1890“ and „Glass from 1500 to 1850“

The extension to the museum building made it possible to present a wider representation of the Herbert Liaunig Private Foundation’s vast collection to a broader public. European glass from a variety of periods and a selection from their collection of portrait miniatures are displayed in specifically designed galleries and display cases.

The 22 freestanding display cases are equipped with LED lighting. 4 of these high showcases have micro display cases on both sides, which can be illuminated individually according to the wishes of the client and the needs of the exhibit. The 17 table showcases for the miniatures have their own external LED lighting, which is permanently mounted approx. 500 to 700 mm above the display case hood.


HL Museumsverwaltung

Year of Completion



planning, manufacturing, installation


AM Design, Rolf Hartmann


© Photo, Reier