Musée Carnavalet / Paris

One of the most famous museums in Paris is the Musée Carnavalet in the Marais district. The museum comprises two old city palaces that house many different exhibits documenting the city history of Paris. These include archaeological finds, evidence of the Middle Ages and exhibits from the time of the French Revolution. In the salons, the history of the city of Paris is vividly presented through pictures, photographs, sculptures, furniture and art objects.

For the Musée Carnavalet REIER designed, manufactured and installed 58 wall- or free-standing display cases, 62 table display cases, 48 acrylic display hoods as well as more than 500 pieces of exhibition furniture such as pedestals, media stations, benches and partition walls.


Equipment features and special characteristics:

  • extra-white laminated float glass, partially with anti-reflective coating
  • opening technology: hinged doors, lift-off hoods, pull-out hoods, gas struts, lifting technology
  • production of curved back walls for historical niches
  • cantilever systems for exhibits weighing up to max. 1,500 kg
  • active and passive partial air-conditioning
  • display cases prepared for multimedia use (monitors, projection screens, touch displays)
  • exclusive use of low emission (ODDY-tested) materials
  • air exchange rate of 1/10 day


City of Paris

Year of Completion



planning, manufacturing, installation


Agence NC


Antoine Mercusot – Le Perreux-sur-Marne, Frankreich
Jean-Baptiste Gurliat, Paris
Pierre Antoine Demachy, Autor