Bibel Museum Bayern / Nuremberg

After seven years of preparation, the Bibel Museum Bayern in Nuremberg has been open to visitors since April 8, 2022. The 450-square-meter museum in Lorenzer Hof, opposite the Lorenzkirche church, focuses on the history of the Bible over the past 1,500 years. The highlight of the exhibition is the digital Gumbertus Bible. Measuring 67 by 45 centimeters and weighing 40 kilograms, it belongs to the genre of giant Bibles.

REIER supplied 33 display cases for Bavaria’s first Bible Museum; including four climate-controlled display cases with active temperature and humidity control (wall-mounted display cases, wall cladding by others), two display cases with lift-off hood on a base provided by the client, two walk-in display cases integrated in the floor, five table display cases with electro-hydraulic lift-off hood (integrated in base provided by the client) and 20 built-in display cases with hinged door or hinged panel (wall-mounted display cases, wall cladding by others). The display cases are climate-tight and made of particularly low-emission materials.


Bibel Museum Bayern

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images: Bibel Museum Bayern, Uwe Niklas