Ritter von Kempski Privathotels / Stolberg

Nature Resort Schindelbruch

The State Porcelain Manufactory MEISSEN and the Ritter von Kempski Private Hotels share the enthusiasm for beauty, value and the joy of the extraordinary. That is why we have jointly developed a comprehensive MEISSEN hospitality concept exclusively for the Naturresort Schindelbruch. This unique brand partnership combines cultural assets, art, craftsmanship and lifestyle.

For the exhibition of very special large figures from the State Porcelain Manufactory MEISSEN, REIER supplied a freestanding display case H14 with anti-reflective glazing, lighting (vertical light tubes), a black marble inlay botton and a plinth cladding in a milled diamond pattern all around, which perfectly matches the design of the adjacent reception desk.


Ritter von Kempski Privathotels GmbH

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planning, manufacturing, installation


images: Ritter von Kempski Privathotels GmbH

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