Urweltmuseum GEOSKOP / Thallichtenberg

The Urweltmuseum GEOSKOP is a natural history museum on the geology of the Palatinate at Lichtenberg Castle. As a geoscientific branch of the Palatinate Museum of Natural History in Bad Dürkheim, it has been the largest information center on the geology of this region since it opened in 1998.

GEOSKOP is certified as a research museum by the German Research Foundation. In 2014, GEOSKOP received the Environmental Award of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate for the project “Research Workshop for People 5+”, subtitled “25 Years of Environmental Education” at Lichtenberg Castle.

For the Urweltmuseum GEOSKOP, castle Lichtenberg REIER supplied three standard freestanding display cases H16B with shelves and MDF back panel.


Urweltmuseum GEOSKOP, Castle Lichtenberg (Palatinate)

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images: Urweltmuseum GEOSKOP, Castle Lichtenberg (Palatinate)