The State Hermitage Museum - The Culture and Art of Central Asia / St. Petersburg

One of the most interesting artifacts of this new permanent exhibition, opened in 2013, is a stone head with rune script from the 6th to the 8th century in Mongolia. Known as the “Genghis Stone”, it is the only known sculpture of its kind and its inscription was, until recently, undecipherable to historians.

Because of the Museum’s desire for real wood applications throughout, the more than 40 REIER display cases required a special design for accessing the interiors of the cases. Thus, REIER-developed fold-and-slide door technology was employed. A particularly striking component of the exhibit is the centrally located flat display with a spherical acrylic glass hood.


The State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg

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planning, manufacturing, installation


The State Hermitage Museum, Boris Kusiakin