The State Hermitage Museum - Russian Culture / St. Petersburg

The exhibition “Russian culture and art from the second half of the 18th century” stretched over seven rooms (room 168-174) in the Winter Palace. The exhibition focuses on the reign of Catherine II (1729 – 1796) and her direct successors. In order for the exhibition to be completed in two construction stages, a sophisticated and technical group of display cases with numerous of different designs details had to be developed.

All 15 display cases were designed and implemented a homogeneous system, thus, identifiable to one another. Further features of the display cases next to fiber optic lighting with LED light generators, passive climate control and real wood paneling. The display case profile includes advanced alarm detection technology and extra white, anti-reflective glazing on both sides, including two display cases with curved panes.


The State Hermitage Museum

Year of completion



planning, manufacturing, installation


Eremitage St. Petersburg, Boris Kusiakin