National Historical Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic / Bishkek

In 2018, the National History Museum of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan was established in a representative building in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek that was used as the Lenin Museum during the Soviet era. Since then, the cultural history of the country from the Stone Age to the present has been presented here on a total area of almost 10,000 square metres.

For the project, which was carried out by REIER as general contractor, 210 modular display cases, 16 freestanding display cases, 8 media stations, 17 wall display cases, 16 special display cases, 77 table display cases and 31 pedestals were supplied. In addition, the project included the production and delivery of room structures and ceilings made of lightweight elements from VOMO, such as a cave and a historical prison cell, the furnishing of a cinema hall with seating, the staging of the Manas Epic, the delivery of a yurt and horse replicas, shop and cafeteria furnishings, the creation of seating areas and much more.



Year of Completion



General contracting, planning, manufacturing, installation

The overall project was realised in cooperation with Iglhaut + von Grote, Framegrabber Medien, Abrell + van den Berg, blieske architects lighting designers and Kinzo.

Tasks: Conceptual development, design and production management of the permanent exhibition, museum education, auditorium, shop, café, ticket counter, complete interior design and refurbishment, exhibition design, graphics, lighting, design and production of exhibition media, media hardware planning, exhibit installation, cost controlling


Iglhaut + von Grote


images: Chris Bierl

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