Natural History Museum / London

Hintze Hall

One of the largest natural history museums in the world, the Natural History Museum in London, opened its lavishly renovated entrance hall in July 2017 providing the visitor with an impressive gateway into the museum. The imposing room with its Romanesque arches and magnificent stone staircase houses a selection of impressive specimens including the skeletons of a 25-metre-long blue whale suspended from the ceiling and an American mastodon.

The museum’s treasures are presented in 11 REIER special display cases ranging size up to 5.5 m high and 4.5 m wide. The showcases are equipped with elaborate LED lighting technology and feature anti-reflective glazing with a coating applied in a gradient at the base for an ombre effect to create an allusion of “floating” in space. The showcase interiors and base cladding are made of white Thassos marble.


Natural History Museum

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planning, manufacturing, installation


Casson Mann, London


© Photo, Reier