Jewish Museum Berlin

„We Dreamed of Nothing
but Enlightenment“ – Moses Mendelssohn

Immigrant, Enlightenment philosopher, and self-made intellectual: in his time, Moses Mendelssohn was already a European celebrity and he remains a central figure in German Judaism to this day.
The exhibition tells of Mendelssohn’s life in Berlin and shows him as a figure who integrated polarizing forces in the midst of historical upheaval and awakening.

For the Moses Mendelssohn exhibition opening on 14 April 2022, REIER manufactured and assembled 29 wall and table display cases, including five table display cases with curved tubular steel frames and semi-circular glass bonnets, as well as six round pedestals, two wooden stand frames for the installation of prints, a steel frame with MDF bonnet, and a “Patkin” wooden stand construction. This is the substructure for the artwork “Judenporzellan” (Jewish porcelain) by the New York-based Israeli artist Izhar Patkin.


Jewish Museum Berlin

Year of Completion



planning, manufacturing, installation

Exhibition Design

Jelena Stefanovic, Studio OTW, Amsterdam

Design Execution Planning and Production Management

Gesa von Grote, von GROTE GmbH, Berlin


Svea Pietschmann Photography
Yves Sucksdorff Photography